Self-Powered Speakers

HiFiBerry enables you to create any number of self-contained, self-powered speakers for standalone audio.  Here are just a few examples of the work our customers have done.  All of these projects are built around our AMP+ board and a Pi

 Airplay Speaker using the Raspberry Pi and HifiBerry Amp+

  • Raspberry Pi3
  • HiFiBerry Amp+
  • 3″ Full Range Driver
  • 1 soft dome tweeter
  • Speaker cables
  • HDMI cable female to male for external display connection
  • USB cable extension cord to connect to RPi in case of a changed IP address etc.
  • you may also use a female to male audio cable to connect to other speakers if required.
  • Power Adapter
  • Software of your choice (Kodi / MoOde / ROON / Volumio)


Raspberry Pi infused vintage radio


 Who says radios have to be boring?

Look at what one of our customers did with some shop tools, and the concepts illustrated elsewhere in the build guides.



angle view


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