Multi-Room Audio System

No Limits.

Unlike other ‘packaged’ solutions that force you to use their components which may not fit well acoustically in your room or match your decor, HiFiBerry enables you to use what you have, or whatever you want.

Whether you want in-wall, in-ceiling or free-standing speakers, self-powered or passive speakers, or your choice of any amplifier you desire, or our line of DAC boards enable you to pick and choose a configuration truly customized to your needs.

Multiroom Audio System Based On Raspberry Pi And HiFiBerry

Originally posted in French by Cédric Locqueneux on; translated and slightly updated to the current installation process of Max2Play by HiFiBerry.





It’s well known that the Raspberry Pi’s phone audio output isn’t that great. Additionally, the humming of my old system was most likely related to these low-quality outputs (only the HDMI output of the Raspberry Pi is fine). So a Swiss company is specializing in addressing this issue, with products such as a DAC and even a board that combines a DAC and an amplifier! After a successful test of this setup, I decided to base my complete system on Raspberry Pi and Hifiberry Amp+.

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