Custom Projects & Installations

There’s no limit to what you can do with a Pi & HiFiBerry

The software running the carpet is made with Pure Data, a graphical programming language for making sound. The berry card works out of the box with it so you’re good to go with your project after just a small apt-get install on your Pi.



This first Whispering Mirror is installed at EdenSpiekermann Berlin, a company that is all about Identity. The mirror combines this core character component of theirs with that of the Whispering Wall: Doubt. In a way, this mirror-woman is an ambassador of doubt. Starting from a basic level: you hear her voice coming from the mirror, she says she can see you, but you see yourself. Who is looking at whom here? And who is asking?

Edward Allen created this RetroTUBE with a Raspberry PI 2 and HifiBerry DAC+PRO running through a Vacuum tube preamplifier. The combination of the Raspberry PI and the HiFiBerry DAC create a pure audio signal, that then runs through a tube preamp giving it that old school awesome sound.