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HiFiBerry LLC is the North American sales and marketing office for Modul 9 Gmbh, the developers of the HiFiBerry line of DAC boards for Raspberry Pi.  Our mission is to support both the end user and business market segments with superior product and service with the benefit of an on-shore US-based office.

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Dear HiFiBerry Retail Customer,

We regret that as of April 18th 2022, we will no longer be selling direct to the public due to changes in US law that impose burdensome compliance costs on small business such as ours related to reporting requirements for both 'nexus' state tax (where we must report sales to any given state from where we have an order and submit the corresponding local sales tax), and the new IRS limit on any sale(s) over $600.  If you are frustrated and inconvenienced by this change, please contact your elected officials to voice your dissatisfaction, and remember it when you go to vote.

We encourage you to please source from any of our Authorized Dealers via their storefront or webshop.  If you absolutely must order directly from us, you may do so by going to our overseas storefront in Switzerland at: https://hifiberry.com.  Please be aware that ordering from our EU warehouse will incur higher shipping costs, longer shipping time, and possible fees for customs.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.  It's our earnest hope that our taxation and legislative officials will eventually "see the light", but until the laws change, we regret that this decision has become necessary.

This policy does not apply to Business-to-Business accounts, please log in as normal to place your stock orders.